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Parajumpers is a relatively young brand, however it is unfortunately already a target for counterfeiters. For this reason, the brand is at the front line of the battle to ensure authenticity, protecting the consumer.

Counterfeit products are not only illegal, they are also dangerous, putting the wearer at risk of exposure to non-sanitized down, fabrics colored with toxic substances, and, generally speaking, jackets that don't offer the right protection from cold weather.

What's more, the production of counterfeit goods often supports illegal activities such as child labour, unsafe working conditions and organized crime.

How can you spot a fake? At first glance, fakes can look very similar to the originals, but there can be significant differences like fabric (very likely with no water-repellency treatment), type of fur (fakes often have spotted fur), missing features like the rubber around the buttons.
Always purchase from an authorized retailer. Due West is an Official Authorized Retailer of all Parajumpers merchandise. Shop in store or online at www.duewest.ca.

Beware of the cost: In most cases (but not always) counterfeit jackets are often sold at much lower prices. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Any Parajumpers products that come from an un-authorized retailer are also not covered by warranty.